Fake and old model watches sold over the internet.

Fake watches of some of our brands have begun to enter the market place. Of late, some dubious web sellers, mainly from Asia are stating that they are authorised retailers when they are not.

Clients have experienced the following problems/issues after purchasing these watches, believing they were receiving a “good deal”: Customers have received

  • Old models that haven’t been in production for years
  • Watches that have been either used or on display somewhere for a long time
  • Fake watches (please ask us before buying a new or used watch from someone other than an authorized retailer and we will check the serial No of the watch on offer!)
  • Problems with customs as these sellers try to reduce their prices by excluding the Australian GST
  • No warranty in Australia, even if the warranty card is stamped by an authorised retailer from another region

Here are the names of some sellers, who are not authorised by any of our brands and as such their watches are not covered by warranty: redfingerprint.com, watch2000.com, gnomon.com, bodying.com, sinnwatches.com (this website is NOT the official Sinn website!)

If you are unsure, please check the home page of the original brand in Germany/Switzerland, i.e. www.sinn.de, if you wish to double check information about authorised retailers in your area or call us for more information!