Customer Experience Reports

Watch service

Submitted by: Sandy Zalstein

"I sent my 20 year old vintage Sinn 157 in for service. And what service! They didn't stop until the result (new pushers from Germany included) was perfect. Professionalism, care, and attention to detail from their watch service centre that is frankly superb. Well done guys. I wouldn't hesitate to send a watch to you, because I've seen the lengths to which you will go to look after your customers. Thanks."

Sinn U1

Submitted by: Pete Dwen

"Hi Peter, the watch arrived yesterday and I am stoked with it. It looks even better in person than from photos. I had no trouble sizing the strap and it fits perfectly and is so comfortable. I am glad I took a leap of faith based on your advice that the U1 would fit me - it is just the right size. Thanks very much for your help. If I am ever in Brisbane I will definitely pay your shop a visit."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Gavin Freeman

"I received the watch early this morning and am actually quite shocked on how fast it got delivered considering I only ordered it at 3pm yesterday! I would like to thank you once again for the above excellent service you have provided in every aspect. The watch is absolutely beautiful. Kudos to Define Watches."

Sinn U1 Tegiment

Submitted by: Jeffrey Khorr

"Peter is very knowledgeable and understands the quality and calibre of the watches he sells. He was completely patient throughout the process, never pushing to close out a sale. His communication, both on the phone and via email, is effective and professional. All this took any doubt away from purchasing a watch online. I will definitely return again."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Neil Mowat

"The watch arrived in a timely manner and is even more impressive in the flesh. Thank you for the great service an I look forward to dealing with you again."

Sinn 856 S

Submitted by: Adam Craike

"Hi Peter, I received the Sinn 856 S this afternoon and have spent most of the evening looking at it! I love the simple clarity of the dial and it feels great on my wrist. Thanks for the excellent service – the watch was packed well and receiving it next-day Brisbane to Melbourne is great."

Sinn 104 St Sa

Submitted by: Wei Ming

"Hello Peter, I thought you might like to know that I received my watch today, and I am so impressed!"

Sinn U1000B

Submitted by: Robert Hall

"Hi Peter, watch has arrived safe and sound. It is a beauty! Many thanks to you and Lydia."

Sinn 856 S UTC

Submitted by: Ryan Kirkland

"Hi Peter, just to let you know I've received everything and it all looks great. Better than expected even. Thanks for your assistance, you've been very helpful."

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Thomas Stanistreet

"Recieved my package in good order yesterday. Thanks for the timely postage. Couldn't be happier with the watch and your service. The dial is even nicer in person. Thanks again for your patience in answering all of my queries. Already eyeing off the 856 S UTC. Time will tell!"

Sinn 356 Sa Pilot

Submitted by: Kerwin So

"My Sinn 356 Sa Pilot has arrived safely last Friday. Thank you. I am amazed at how accurate it has become now – it gains only half a second in 3 day!!! I would like to express my gratitude to Simon (or whoever did the tuning for me). I am sure a lot of patience and skills have gone into this tuning to be able to achieve such an outstanding result. I also would like to thank Peter for organising this tuning while he was overseas. I would certainly spread the good words amongst my watch collector friends. Please keep the good work."

Sinn 103 Classic Pilot

Submitted by: David Lu

"Hi Peter, received the 103 just now. Looks fantastic! Thanks again to you for being so good to deal with. I'm going to start saving up for the next Sinn :)"

Sinn 356 Pilot

Submitted by: Paul Hoang

"Hi Peter, all in all, beautiful watch, I am very happy with it. Thank you again for your wonderful service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and Define Watches. I would highly recommend to others."

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Warwick Gorman

"Good afternoon Peter & Colleague, many thanks, the watch did arrive this afternoon, thus I am very impressed with the speed of your delivery methods. The watch is very pleasing and, although slightly larger than I expected, sits on the wrist far better than my old Rolex Explorer II did (and that's the reason I sold the Rolex). It also very impressed one of my colleagues so I've let him have a read through the book and catalogues for the next few weeks.
In reading through the material I noted a typographical error in the small 'Caring for your mechanical watch' card that has you name on it. In the paragraph 'Winding' it reads: 'Once running it should "charge" trough kinetic energy ...'. I assume the sentence is meant to read 'Once running it should "charge" through kinetic energy ...'. A minor point, yet I thought you might like to know. Other than that, the information card is very insightful, and the best I've seen (including from Rolex). Thanks for including it in the package. Once again, my thanks and best regards."

Sinn 856 UTC

Submitted by: David Silva

"Hi Peter, I have got the watch. The package is very thoughtful. The watch is nice and compact. That's fortunate. And thank you for the beautiful catalogue of Define Watches and Sinn watches too. Very flatter for that. Thanks again for the fantastic service."

Sinn 103 Classic Pilot

Submitted by: Paul Skevington

"Hi Peter, I received my watch last Thursday - thank you for the good service and the quick turnaround. This is my first Sinn and I'm very impressed with the quality. My next watch could be a Sinn or maybe a Muhle - I'll keep an eye on your Deal of the Week."

Sinn 104 St Sa Classic

Submitted by: Glenn Onggara

"Hi Peter, the watch arrived today! Love the way you pack it, better safe than sorry. It's a beautiful watch, thanks! Looking forward to buy more from you!"

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Casey Dyke

"Wow – my reading had indicated your customer service was excellent. Certainly met that here. :-) Thx, pretty impressed!"

Sinn T2 on Silicone band

Submitted by: Kevin Brady

"Hello Peter, my watch arrived on Tuesday and it is great! Love the large face and the  dials. Looking forward to the new band!"

Sinn U200 SDR

Submitted by: James Cohen

"Hi Peter, thanks for all your help. The watch has just arrived and its fantastic. Couldn't be happier."

Sinn 358 Flieger

Submitted by: Simon Partridge

"Good afternoon Peter, just a quick email to let you know that my new 358 arrived safely and I am totally thrilled with my choice and ultimate purchase. Many thanks for your assistance in making this an easy process."

Sinn 104 St Sa Classic Pilot

Submitted by: Thomas Dallow

"Hi Peter! Just a quick note to say my 104 arrived today and it's terrific! Thanks again for your help."

Sinn 856 S

Submitted by: Jie Si

"Hi Peter, thank you so much! I received it, it is so beautiful and the size of bracelet is just perfect! And this shopping experience is superb. You are really professional! Now it is on my wrist."


Submitted by: Derek Moore

"My second purchase and once again Peter was extremely helpful and the watch was even better than I had expected. Thoroughly recommend Define Watches."

Sinn 103 Ti TESTAF

Submitted by: Ross Cable

"Hi Peter, I confirm the watch has arrived - brilliant! Thanks!"

Sinn UX

Submitted by: Phil Donnelly

"Peter, I have received the new UX. Very happy with it! I am a professional firefighter and non-professional big game fisherman. Don't be surprised if you receive a few more orders. Once again thank you."

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Hugo Goodson

"Hi Peter, thanks very much for the watch and the strap which both arrived safe and sound. Very nice!! Thanks for your help and advice choosing."

Sinn 104 St Sa Classic

Submitted by: Quoc Mach Nguyen

"Dear Peter, just a note to let you know that the Sinn 104 watch has arrived in order. Thank you for excellent packaging that provide extra secure to the watch. Further more I would like to thank you for your personal care for choosing the band for the watch it look great."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Cameron Knight

"Hi Peter, I have received the watch. Thanks very much, I am really happy with it. It looks great on the vintage strap. Thanks for the great service."

Sinn 857

Submitted by: Karl Grosser

"Hi Peter, just a quick note to thank you for your help. Yourself and Lydia provide excellent customer service, and i could not be happier with the watch - perfect size, and a very nice understated but quality look and feel, it should provide many years of good service as a daily wearer. Thanks again for the help."

Sinn 857

Submitted by: John Callanan

"Hi Peter, watch arrived, it looks even better than I hoped, band adjustment is perfect. Thank you too for the travel case, it was unnecessary and appreciated. You are so easy to do business with and so helpful it truly wasn't expected. Again many thanks."

"Hi Peter, have had the 857 for a couple of weeks now and wanted to let you know how far it has gone beyond my expectations. The slightly larger size seems to work really well. Time accuracy excellent. Last I have had Rolex watches in the past and thought one day I would return to a Submariner. No longer hold that thought. This is better I think. Much appreciation."

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Gerard Wong

"Hi, just wanted to say that the watch came very well packed and in a timely manner. Not being a watch collector and for a watch that I have never seen or heard of other than in magazines and on the internet; I was very happy with the purchase (and my first automatic watch). Loved the see through backing."

Sinn 603 (EZM 3)

Submitted by: Bill Davidson

"Hi Peter, just a quick note to say thankyou. The watch arrived ok. It is very handsome to look at, it is very solid and I am very pleased with it. Thank you also for your brochure which I have started to read. Thanks again, Bill Davidson - General Manager"

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Paul Rodger

"Thanks Peter, the watch looks great! You really shouldn't have sent these catalogues - I will end up ordering others at the expense of my mortgage :)"

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: David Carlisle

"Arrived safely, thanks for amazing prompt service!"

Sinn 856

Submitted by: Kellie Leach

"We had a fantastic experience purchasing my husbands new watch. What a team, whilst my husband spent time trying on watches Lydia was happy enough to play with our sons William and James without an element of fuss. The watches truly speak for themselves and as a watch lover, every window I looked into I was amazed. Again thankyou for the wonderful experience and most of all, my husband is super happy with his purchase. Regards, The Leach Family"

Sinn 103 A Sa

Submitted by: Brenden

"Afternoon Peter, the 103 arrived today, it is great, exactly what I was hoping for. Only problem it is so nice I don’t think I am going to wear it!! Ich Danke Ihnen Sehr... for all your help in organising the watch for me. Regards, Brenden."

Sinn U1 Tegiment

Submitted by: Dr. Edwin Choong

"Hi Peter, the watch arrived today. I love it. I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation of your service and efficiency. It has been a pleasure purchasing my Sinn. The bracelet adjustment is perfectly sized. Many thanks, Edwin"

Sinn 103 A Sa

Submitted by: Kenan

"Service and professionalism from Peter is second to none. He was prompt with replying to emails and next day delivery. The Sinn watches are very unique in both design and engineering and I highly recommend Define Watches. Thank you."

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Justin

"Peter, I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent service of my Sinn 556i this morning. It arrived before I left for work this morning, less than 24 hours! I look forward to opening it this evening, a 40th birthday present. Thanks again, Justin"

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Quang

"I've received the watch and am very happy with the purchase. The quality is excellent and it looks great. I'm loving it!"

Sinn 556 I, 556 A, 657 Traveller, U1, 757 Duochronograph

Submitted by: Peter Lind

"Just a quick note to say thanks to Lydia and Peter, the experience of purchasing watches from you is always a pleasure and I want to thank you for your flexibility and product knowledge. My latest Sinn, the 757 duochronograph is an incredible watch and I simply love the legibility of the piece. the robust and reliable Valjoux 7750 powered chronograph is a joy to operate. The timing bezel adds to the rugged allure of this watch. If you are looking to source a quality German watch backed by full manufacturer support, look no further then Define Watches."

Sinn 104 St Sa

Submitted by: Catherine

"Hello Peter, just wanted to confirm that the watch arrived safely and was very well received. Thank you very much for the constant updates and an overall excellent purchase experience. We will definitely make Define Watches our first choice for any future purchases."

Sinn UX Tegiment

Submitted by: Glen

"Peter & Lydia were great and it was a smooth and easy process to purchase my new watch from Define Watches. All the questions leading up to my decision were answered promptly and helpfully even though Peter was travelling at the time and I am very happy with both the service and the watch!  I'd recommend Define Watches to anyone wanting a personal and professional service for purchasing a fine watch."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Jonathan Duhig

"Hi Peter, the watch arrived today before lunch – thanks for such speedy service. The watch is beautiful in real life, thank you, and the extra strap you selected is just right. Thanks for your excellent service."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Stephen Nelson

"Hi Peter, my watch arrived today and Im very happy with it. Thanks for making the decision so easy and the transaction so simple."

Sinn U1

Submitted by: Dave Ball

"Hello Lydia and Peter, the U1 was delivered safe and sound on Friday last. I must commend you both for your efficient and friendly service. The care taken in packaging was duly noted. I have a number of watches including Omega, Tag, Ball and Rolex and I must say the quality and finish of the Sinn U1 is exceptional and certainly good value for money. I can only conclude by saying that I would have no hesitation in recommending any prospective purchaser of Sinn watches to first contact Peter at Define Watches."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Mas

"Hello, watch has arrived and is great. This is my first nice watch ever so everything is a step above anything I've ever owned. Thanks again for your time and the quick mail out."

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: Dan Gray

"Hi Peter, my watch arrived today. Thanks for your prompt and friendly service. Hope to deal with you again in the future."

Sinn U1 SDR

Submitted by: Stuart Mapley

"The watch arrived today and in good order. It is superb! Just the thing for the southern ocean I reckon! First dive in a fortnights time! Can't wait to try it out! Thank you for your prompt and professional service!"

Sinn 556 I

Submitted by: John Williams

"Hi Peter, just a short note to let you know the watch arrived early this afternoon. My concerns about toll were unfounded. The band is a perfect fit. The watch itself is exactly as I had hoped: simple and elegant, but with a feel and appearance of craftsmanship rather than adherence to the dictates of current fashion. Thank you for the service you have provided."

Sinn 456 St GG

Submitted by: Jane

"Hi Peter, just letting you know my watch arrived very promptly yesterday morning, and it is beautiful. Thank you so much, I'm really happy with it and appreciate your efforts in making sure it arrived so soon."

Sinn 856 service

Submitted by: Neil Marsh

"Dear Peter, just to let you know I have got my watch back on my wrist where it belongs, working beautifully! Many thanks for your help Peter and your genuinely impressive customer service. Selling great watches is one thing but feeling that as a customer you are so professionally supported makes a huge difference and is highly reassuring. I can't recommend you highly enough! A testimonial I am very happy for you to use and I'll be doing my bit with word of mouth. Finally I have to say, I am very happy indeed with the watch!"

Sinn EZM 3

Submitted by: Ian Teh

"Hi Peter, just took receipt of the EZM3 this morning. Everything went perfect! On quick inspection, the watch is very impressive and looks great. Thanks again for the great service and help in finding me a second Sinn to fall in love with!"

Sinn 6015 St

Submitted by: Jessy

"Peter, I have received the watch. Thank you for the extra detailed information, the great price, the quick posting. Your service is exemplary - I will sing your praises to all who see this (and the other) watches! It's a stunning watch and I'm very pleased to own one of the last ones made!"

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Dragan Gasic

"I have received FedEx package with Sinn 556A watch. Everything appears to be very, very fine and in order. Thank you very much for your very prompt service and great delivery time. I hope that this will not be my last purchase from Define Watches. Thank you again and all the very best."

Sinn U2S silicone strap

Submitted by: Tim Cousins

"Thanks Peter, excellent service!"

Sinn 657 repair & new strap

Submitted by: Jake Mroz

"Hi Peter, thank you for all of your help, much appreciated. Have a great Christmas and New Year!"

Sinn 103 St Ty

Submitted by: Helen Milovanovic

"Dear Peter, watch received – beautifully wrapped (thank you) – I had to resist the urge to bestow it upon my husband – I am very excited and I am sure he will love it. Thanks again for all your help. Best wishes and a merry xmas to you and yours."Update: "Dear Peter, what a winner! He loves it! Thanks again and happy holidays."

Sinn 756 UTC

Submitted by: Christian Harders

"Peter, just a quick note which I meant to send to you already last week. Adrian absolutely loves his watch, no chance of a swap there, it looks real good on him! Thank you for your help and I look forward to the next time, I think it’s my turn now? Have a relaxing and peaceful Christmas and a successful, happy and healthy New Year!"

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: n/a

"Hi Peter, the watch arrived last week with no issues. It looks great and it's hardly been off my wrist since. Appreciate your prompt service."

Sinn 903 St

Submitted by: Stuart

"I received the watch today, it's fantastic! The fit is perfect! I will try the leather band on tomorrow and then try to decide which to leave on! I'm looking forward to reading up on the manual and exploring all the functions. Thank you for your excellent service and advice!"

Sinn 203 Arktis

Submitted by: Adrian Pashley

"G’day Peter, I received the watch yesterday and I am very impressed with it. Thank you for all you have done and your prompt service."

Sinn 757S

Submitted by: Richard Gowan

"Fits like a glove. Great looking watch – exactly what I was after."

Sinn 6100 Klassik 4N

Submitted by: Adam J. Moffat

"Hi Peter, the watch arrived yesterday but I wasn’t able to pick it up until this afternoon. It really is a stunning timepiece in person. I have a nice MeisterSinger and Tutima, but the Sinn might just become my favourite. Thank you for your service and the extras in the box (very well packed also). I hope to do business with you again in the future. Sincerely, Adam."

Sinn 856

Submitted by: Mick Maric

"Hi Peter, thanks again for the prompt service, I picked it up this morning. As with all the other Sinn's, im extremely impressed. I think this one will be my new daily wearer. Cheers, Mick."

Sinn 358 Anniversary

Submitted by: Andrew Harvey

"Hi Peter, I just wanted to let you know I have received the loctite - thanks for that. I've been wearing the new watch for a couple of weeks now, and I'm very pleased indeed. Looks good, and seems to keep very good time. I am definitely a Sinn fan. Thanks for the great service in progressing the order also. I'm sure we'll do business again."

Sinn watch purchase

Submitted by: Adam M.

"A fantastic watch. So wonderfully finished, such a well-constructed, solid-feeling piece. Peter's customer service is also fantastic. He always supplies a great deal of information and quick responses to any queries. His packages usually arrive with a great deal of additional information and catalogs. Every transaction has been great and Peter's selection of watches is as good as his attention to his customers. A great ambassador for some great brands.

Sinn 657

Submitted by: Scott Ward

"Dear Peter, my watch has just arrived and I wanted to thank you for your superb level of customer service and attention to detail. I am exceedingly happy with the watch and the entire purchasing transaction. The product was very well protected and I appreciate the nice touch of the inclusion of the current Sinn catalogue. I will certainly be recommending your site to colleagues and I am already eyeing off a Sinn divers watch. Thanks again.

Sinn 856 S UTC

Submitted by: Matt Groves

"Hi Peter, thanks its fantastic. Really excellent service. It’s quite refreshing. Thanks."

Sinn 756 S UTC

Submitted by: Peter McLure

"Hi Peter, I have the watch and am wearing it now. Looks good. Thank you for the rapid service."

Sinn U2

Submitted by: Ferdinand

"Hi Peter, the Sinn U2 has arrived today and I have picked it up this afternoon from the post office. Thank you very much again! I think the strap should fit my wrist, there are plenty of parts that can be cut. I am very happy with my purchase. It's a superb watch and looks excellent in real person. :) Dankeschön!"

Sinn U1 W

Submitted by: Aaron C.

"I bought the Sinn U1 W in Feb 2011. Peter was very professional, knowledgeable and efficient - a pleasure to deal with. I am extremely satisfied with the watch and Peter's service. Recently the bezel required a new spring. A courtesy watch was sent to me – efficient and no fuss. I will buy my next watch from Peter."

Sinn U2 S

Submitted by: Peter Cotterill

"Hi Peter, greetings from Phi Phi. I am testing the watch on a daily basis, with bushwalking in the jungle and swimming and snorkelling in the ocean. I love my new watch and the band fits perfectly. BR, and thanks."

Sinn U1000 S

Submitted by: Christopher Karsten

"Hi Peter, I am very happy with the new Sinn i purchased - perhaps smitten is more correct. I wear it as often as attire permits. It has certainly exceeded my expectations with regards to finish and quality. The chronograph function is excellent, and the watch features the excellent legibility and robustness i was after. I am confident in using the watch in a professional capacity as well as for leisure. I am looking forward to fitting the silicone strap as well. Thank you for your excellent service as well. The watch arrived promptly, and the included literature and paraphernalia (ie: hat) are much appreciated."

Sinn 856 UTC

Submitted by: Nick Twizell

"Peter, very pleased with both the watch and the service, thanks. I will certainly recommend both your service and your product."

Sinn 756 UTC

Submitted by: Jason E.

"First contact was re a old Mühle watch purchase years ago in Europe. The cost for service was less than a third of what I've paid for a service on an Omega Seemaster. Recently I was looking for a good watch for sport activities and Peter's service was absolute the best I've ever experienced. He took two hours for me and explained everything about his brands - and I'm very happy with my new Sinn 756!"


Submitted by: John Mullins

"Thanks to Peter and the team for the gift certificate that I won, and for the as always flawless transaction when I used it towards a new Sinn UX GSG9 SDR. I really can't recommend Define highly enough... if you are hesitant at all about buying from them online, take my assurance you will be completely happy. The Sinn is awesome... it really doesn't get any cooler than a silicon-oil filled diver, and now I have a super-accurate quartz to set my mechanical watches from."

Sinn 556 A

Submitted by: Michael Craig

"Hi Peter, just wanted to thank you for the watch. It arrived on Thursday morning as predicted and I have been enjoying ever since. You advice regarding the metal strap connector was very pertinent and I thank you for that. Also your professional service and trusting nature was appreciated. I will recommend your shop if asked. Thanks again."

Sinn U1 W Special Edition Model

Submitted by: Mark Glendenning

"Hi Peter, I have my new watch and it’s gorgeous! Adjusting the band was a breeze. Just debating whether to take one more link off as I like my watches to fit snuggly, but I’ll wear it for a day just to make sure. Thanks for all your help and the Dornblueth Regulator brochure - it was a pleasure doing business with you."

Sinn 856 S UTC

Submitted by: Terence Lee

"Hi Peter, the watch has arrived and I was very impressed with how well it was packed. I have not had a good look at it yet because it is supposed to be a Christmas present. It is now wrapped it up and under the tree. But I am sure it is going to be great. Thanks for the offer to help with adjusting the strap. I will call if I get into trouble. Great experience shopping with you. I had some reservations buying a watch online but you made it very painless. Better than going into a store!"

Sinn 857 UTC

Submitted by: George S.

"I was referred to Peter at Define after not having any luck with being able to buy a Sinn watch in Sydney. My initial enquiries via phone found Peter to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable, with no question being too much trouble. I subsequently placed my order via email a few days later and as promised, the watch arrived the next day. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone thinking about buying from Define. I would go so far as to say that I experienced better customer service via phone and email from Peter than I have in Sydney from retail outlets who know that I was there with money to spend on a watch."

From Bani McSpedden

Submitted by: Bani McSpedden, Watch Editor Australian Financial Review, World Magazine New Zealand; Watch Correspondent Qantas In Flight Magazine, Cathay Pacific In Flight Magazines, South China Morning Post

"Every one I have recommended to Define has come back to me with praises for the patient and professional attention they have received from Peter. This tallies with my own experience; quite simply they are passionate about what they do, and that includes putting the customer first. In that respect they really are quite special."

Sinn 103 Ti Ar

Submitted by: Alex Migachov

"Peter Petzold offered superb customer service throughout all my dealings with him. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a trustworthy and reputable businessman. I will be happy to deal with him again. Thank you Peter."

Sinn 956 Rallye Classic

Submitted by: Gordon Lang

"I wanted to drop you this note so that you have my email address which I share with my wife Trish, and so that we can remain in contact through your newsletter and hopefully on a personal level also. The thing I really wanted to do is to thank you most whole-heartedly for what has been the most pleasant shopping experience that I can remember. It is truly a rare experience today to find someone who keeps his word and exceeds expectations such as you have done with me.
The watch winder is great Peter so a special thanks for that, and I’m delighted with the Sinn Rally Classic, although I may save up and buy another watch in the relatively near future, to add to my small collection. I did like the “PILOT” and the features which it incorporates, but on this occasion my wife had final say, and that the Rally Classic is a very attractive watch, already much admired.
I’ll sign off for now Peter, and once again a very heartfelt thanks for everything."

Sinn 900 S Pilot

Submitted by: Ben Smith

"I ordered this watch online and peter was more than helpfull in every way. A very handsome and striking watch. The perfect size (not too overbearing) and a very wearable everyday feel. Sinn have some of the most technicaly displayed and presented watches I've seen and are a definite step away from the everyday predictable chronograph. Define watches are a unique watch dealer that is a colourfull and refreshing change compared to alot of predictable retailers. Highly recommended."

Sinn 103 A Sa Classic Pilot

Submitted by: Eric Blake

"I have now purchased two pieces from Define Watches. The first, a Sinn Classic Pilot chronograph was purchased not long after Define began operating in Australia in 2009. I bought this particular watch as I am interested in chronographs and also because Sinn watches have been in space. I ordered it about lunchtime on a Thursday and I received it the next day!
I'd only seen pictures of the watch on the internet but nothing prepared me for the moment I opened the box. Thoughts of its cost became irrelevant-it looked magnificent. The watch itself is very nicely built and finished and the quality is not embarrased by the Omega, Tudor, Brietling, Laco and Ball watches (amongst others) which I have in my collection. The watch has proved very reliable and accurate in the two years since purchase.
Also, Peter Petzold from Define rang me a few days after I purchased the watch to enquire if all was satisfactory. I mentioned that the watch was great but I thought that the strap supplied did not suit that style of watch. Two days later to my surprise, I received a Sinn padded leather strap in the mail. I thought what great service this was and kept Define in mind for future purchases.
Based on the two watches I have purchased (over the internet) and the dealings I have had with Peter Petzold I have no hesitation in recommending Define Watches as a place to buy high quality watches. My dealings with Peter have been nothing but positive. I will consider them again in future."

Sinn 856

Submitted by: Carl Bergman

"I have nothing but praise for Define watches. I purchased my Sinn 856 before Peter opened his store and as such he invited me to his own house to view the particular watches I was interested in! Excellent customer service - I will definitely be back."

Sinn UX GSG9 Special Forces

Submitted by: Hans-Anton van Beuge

"I decided that my first quality watch was going to be a Sinn UX GSG9 model. Finding one let alone one at a reasonable price was quite difficult until I came across Define Watches website. A quick call to Peter, a brief discussion on this particular watch, quoted a a great price and a day later my new Sinn arrived from Define Watches in Bisbane. It was the smoothest of transactions made possible by Peters great service. Thank-you very much Define Watches, I'm one very satisfied customer!"

Sinn U1

Submitted by: John Mullins

"I sent an email question to Define Watches, expecting an answer maybe in a day or two. Instead I got an immediate, detailed and personal answer from Peter, and he continued to answer my followup emails up until the purchase on my Sinn U1. He then contacted me afterward to make sure I was happy! All in all, my experience with purchasing from Define Watches was exactly what I would want it to be... quick, honest and helpful service, which gives me the confidence that any issue would be looked after.
As to the watch, I couldn't be happier... the Sinn U1 the definition of the perfect tool watch for me."

Strap for Sinn U2

Submitted by: Julian

"A pleasure to deal with Peter. He was very knowledgeable on my already-purchased Sinn watch and helpful with my enquiries about purchasing an extra strap. He had stock of the strap I wanted, and despite my watch not being purchased from Define (purchased overseas at an authorised dealer), he generously offered to register my watch for Australian warranty. The strap arrived promptly and I have no hesitations from purchasing my other timepieces from Peter @ Define."

Sinn 856 strap

Submitted by: Martin P.

"I like the Sinn watch very much. I bought it overseas before I knew of Define Watches in Australia, or perhaps before you were in operation. My experience getting a new strap for it was good. I think your web site and catalog are very attractive and show off these watches very well. If/when I come to buy another, you will be top of my list. I like very much the style and feeling of these German watches, and the fact that they are a little uncommon, have a restrained elegance, and are neither too cheap nor too ostentatious."

Sinn U1 W Special Edition Model

Submitted by: Jeff M.

"Peter has been great to deal with right from the start. I met him in Brisbane and he showed me through the range of Sinn watches (amongst some other fancy German brands) before I agreed to pre-order the watch.
The watch is now nearly two years old and doesn't have a scratch on it! This is a real accomplishment as all my other watches seem to look second hand very quickly and I wear the Sinn U1 W every day. I'm really glad that I bought the watch from Peter because I needed to use the warranty for a problem that I had with the bezel. It would have been a complete nightmare trying to sort it out had I purchased from an overseas vendor.
The watch has proved to be incredibly accurate. I've tracked the accuracy for a month and was within 10 seconds over that period, amazing! Even though the watch isn't the most fancy in my collection it is one that brings me lots of joy because my wife bought it for me as a gift and it still looks like the day it was delivered new."

Sinn UX GSG9 Special Forces

Submitted by: Luke Tayler

"The Sinn UX GSG9 has to be the ultimate diver's watch. It is constructed out of German Submarine Steel which makes it highly resistant to seawater, the case is oil filled so it is water resistant to any depth and the dial does not reflect light underwater, it has a chronometer rated quartz movement which is accurate to within 20 seconds per year and it is used by the GSG9 German Special Forces so it is combat proven. This is by far the best diver's watch I have ever owned."

Sinn watches

Submitted by: Mark W.

"Peter is fantastic to deal with, always helpful with information (despite frequent changes of mind and requests for more information), extremely fast with responding and sending watches, straps etc., and has been great for providing advice on a trusted place to get a watch purchased years ago repaired and serviced. I have bought two watches from Peter already and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

Spare links and tools for Sinn 857 S

Submitted by: Dane Stokes

"My experience with Define Watches could not have been better. I purchased a pre-owned watch, and despite Peter not selling me the watch he was very helpful in tracking down spare links, the tools to change them as well as the standard Sinn watch tool that was missing from my package. Most other stores are not interested in helping if you've not purchased the watch from them so Peter's fantastic help was unexpected and very much appreciated. I would not hesitate in purcashing from Define again."

Sinn 456 Blue Pearl

Submitted by: Gary

"Purchased this watch for my wife last mothers day, it not only looks great it is a very accurate and a quality built watch. Peter and Lydia were very helpful with their patience and product knowledge, I will certainly be revisiting their store in the future."